ZoSia Karbowiak

Life full of music

ZoSia Karbowiak was born Zosia Zalewska in Poland. Although she never had formal musical training, she clearly showed an aptitude at a young age and began singing, playing piano and learning percussion. During her early years she became immersed in classical compositions that would later serve her well. In high school, with the absence of any formal lessons being available to her, she began to develop her skills composing music and lyrics as a young teenager on her own. She was performing  at that time, primarily bossa nova and jazz for live audiences.

When ZoSia was sixteen her interest in the piano re-surfaced and she was now concentrating on more pop and rock music. At nineteen she joined a new band where she met her future husband, drummer, Tomek Karbowiak. As well as performing, they began collaborating on new songs and material. After their marriage, three children, a move to Denmark that would last 5 years, playing countless shows, they returned to Poland but continue, even now, to commute to Denmark on a regular basis to perform.

ZoSia's talent during this time expanded internationally when her music was discovered by Jason Scheff, lead tenor and bass player for the Rock Band Chicago. During their tour of Europe in 2008, Scheff along with Robert Lamm founding member of Chicago, met with ZoSia and Tomek and agreed to be the Executive Producers of her Solo CD S.I.N.G.    This CD is available @ at my shop!

She has appeared on TV in Poland and Denmark including a performance at the #PolishNationalSongFestival in 2009; national eliminations for Eurovision 2010 and Eurovision 2011; also in 2010-2011 ZoSia collaborated with Robert Lamm on his Solo CD #LivingProof" where she co-wrote and sang three songs: "Liquid Sky", "Those Crazy Things" and "Arise". All three of these songs rose to the top of the Chart on Polish State Radio. For Information on  "Living Proof"      visit:      http://robertlammsolo.com/project/living-proof

ZoSia  has been on the cover and interviewed by "Trendy Magazine" in January 2015, and along with Tomek they took on a Project called 105 Drum Corps at the Culture Center in Koszalin to teach students basic drumming. These teens were in "Prestiz Magazine" in June 2014. Later in 2015, she celebrated her 20 years of music at a Jubilee in Poland. In early 2016,    ZoSia was asked to sing at the yearly tourist event in Mielno followed by a performance in Koszalin with the Philharmony Orchestra. This concert included Tomek on drums, a group of students she coached vocally called V-Pack and the  105 Drum Corp .

Karbowiak was a featured vocalist on the latest Contante & Sonante Release  "Tomi Malm ~"Walkin' On Air". On "Show Me A Sign", she shared lead vocals in a virtual duet with Warren Wiebe & performed background vocals; also included on song were Tomi Malm on keyboards; and players Lars-Erik Dahle, Lars Daugaard, Bernt Rune Stray, Eric Marienthal.  On the track "Favor" Frank Adahl was lead vocalist with Malm on keyboards; Karbowiak contributed background vocals with Adahl & Malm and other players included Alex Al, Simon Phillips, Porty Malm, Jonas Lindeborg, Patrik Eriksson, Andreas Anderson, Jonas Wall & Magnus Wiklund; on  the title track "Walkin' On Air" with Jason Scheff covering lead vocals, Malm on keyboards & Jason Scheff on bass she again covered background vocals with Scheff, Langhoff & Malm with players Vinnie Colaiuta, Dan Warner, Eric Marienthal, Patrik Eriksson & Mattias Lejdal; on"Perfect Imperfection" with singer Jeff Pescetto & Tomi Malm  on keyboards, she was background vocalist with Percetto, & Malm;  players included Robbie Buchanan, Neil Stubenhaus, John JR Robinson Bernt Rune Stray, Brandon Fields & Patrik Eriksson. (Contante & Sonante 2017) http://contanteysonante.bigcartel.com/

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